Reviews for Ritestone Interlock & Landscaping, Your Toronto Landscaping & Interlocking Stone

Read reviews of Ritestone Interlock & Landscaping and testimonials from clients who have hired our landscaping professionals for interlocking stone installations and more in the Greater Toronto Area.

“I was very confident that Ritestone would do a great job on my landscape project after our first meeting. When they were done they exceeded my expectations. The work around my house looks amazing.” – Anthony B

“I liked that they had all the right tools and machinery. I saw what a great job they had done at my neighbours house, I knew they were the right contractors for me. The price was very reasonable and well worth it. I feel very proud that I got quality work done around my house. I love it when I get compliments on it. Great owners and crew.” – Nikolitsa S

“I’m a general contractor and have hired Ritestone for big and small jobs for the past 5 years. They always work safe and deliver amazing workmanship. Looking forward to future projects together.” – Greg D

“I like the step by step approach they took when doing my project. I don’t like surprises, so the daily meetings and explanations made me feel very comfortable. Very happy with the work.” – Veronica K

“Ritestone’s price was very competitive as I did get other quotes. I hired them more for their friendly attitude, knowledge and passion for their work. Great company.” – Carlos G.

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