Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of warranty do I get?
    We put a 1 yr warranty in writing, This covers all workmanship. Example: sinking/shifting of the paving stone, proper sloping etc. The manufacturer of all the actual stone that we use provides a lifetime warranty of their product.
  • Is your company insured?
    This is a question that all home owners should ask. If there is an accident on site and the company that is doing work is not insured the homeowner is part responsible. Ritestone has a 5 million dollar liability policy that supports commercial/residential jobs for residential the minimum is 2 million dollars. Insurance clearance certificates are always available upon request.
  • What kind of sand do you use for the interlock paving stone joints after its installed?
    Years ago the only sand used was just ” regular play sand ” the kind you see in children’s sand boxes. Today we use a variety of different Polymeric sands, depending what job its for. This combats weed growth, prevents sand washing out and brings more stability to the stone. This sand gets hard and creates a superior bond.
  • How deep do you dig for a base under the interlock paving stone?
    For foot traffic we ensure there is an 8 inch aggregate base. For vehicle traffic 1 foot or more. Both have a ratio of 70 % 3/4 crushed runner limestone and 30% limestone fine screening. This is both separately wet and heavily compacted. In some cases it is left to sit for a few weeks before laying stone. This all depends how hard or soft the earth is. Usually in new sub divisions we wait 2-3 weeks before installing the preferred interlock stone.
  • How many guys will be working in this project?
    With most residential projects we use a 5 man crew. There are 2 crews one does the excavating and preparing and the other does the installing of the stones, steps, walls etc.
  • Do you do prepare this job by hand digging or do you use machines?
    Ritestone has a wide array of tools, trucks and equipment. They have large skid steer loaders and ones just small enough to fit in all home backyards. This gives the homeowner the luxury of having the job finished in a timely manor. From laser levels to motor attached wheel burrows, we have everything to do the job right.
  • Do i need to seal my interlock stone or natural stone?
    Sealing is a small maintenance cost to keep your stone looking like it did the first day. Some like the stone to have a gloss look and some prefer it just matte. For driveways its recommended every 2 years and for patios every 3. Its very easy to apply and it could even be a “do it yourself” project.
If you have other questions for our Toronto landscaping and interlocking stone professionals, please call 416-881-5188 or complete our online request form.